Looking Back: from issue Nov. 24, 2021

Nov. 21, 1951 — MRS. WALTER OSBORN, wife of Major Walter Osborn, local Salvation Army leader, sorts clothes which will go to the needy of Anacortes.

Nov. 21, 1901

Fidalgo Island is America’s Home for Cauliflower Seed.

There were big crops this year besides oats and salmon and hay, according to Commodore H. A. March. The commodore is the only grower of cauliflower seed in America, and has been in the business about twenty years, but this year the production is heavier and of better quality than ever before. His estimate was for about 200 pounds, but he has harvested 425 pounds, and believes that the total number of pounds will reach 500. These figures do not seem to indicate that the production of cauliflower seed amounts to much, but when it is considered that the grower’s selling price ranges from $14 to $20 a pound, according to quality, it is easily understood why the commodore has for years devoted so much time to growing and curing the seed; and, incidentally, why he smokes good cigars in good numbers.

Nov. 23, 1911

It was a surcharged atmosphere pervading the city council chamber Tuesday evening when members of that august body met in regular session, and it was easily to be seen that pyrotechnics might be started by the slightest flare of fire. Very few outside of the councilmen were present, but those few were mostly interested in one way or another in the question of Commercial avenue improvement which was up for final passage.

While all the trouble which was brewing remained hidden underground, so to speak, there was not a councilman but knew that something would be started in one way or another, either at the meeting or shortly after, one of the moves which opponents to Commercial avenue improvement had up their sleeve was challenging the vote of Councilman Draper, who was present, one the ground that he is not a resident of the city of Anacortes in that he has been living in Seattle for a long time past. However, this was not done, it being the contention of William Rogers, one of those who are complaining of the improvement district as planned, that had materially strengthened their position – by not taking that action at this time.

Nov. 24, 1921

If changes put into effect at Burlington and Edison prove successful, all telephones in Skagit county will be handled from one central exchange, save those in Anacortes. Last week the phones at Burlington were cut in and all are now part of the Mt. Vernon exchange.

Nov. 26, 1931

Mrs. E. LaVine, 34th street, had a little pig that didn’t want to stay at home. It got away and was caught by some boys who tried to impound it but the pig wouldn’t stay impounded in any makeshift pen and got away again. In the end Mrs. LaVine called the city police and the pig was found, having been apprehended by a third party. The pig was returned home.

Nov. 27, 1941

Residents of this community, along with the rest of the nation, will start saying goodbye to lead foil and tin foil during the next few months.

For the lead foil and tin foil that comes in cigarette packages, chewing gum, in packages of tobacco products, candy, beverages, typewriter ribbons, films and friction tape, will go out of use commercially on March 15 of next year.

All in the interest of the National Defense Emergency and a proclamation released this week by the Office of Production Management in Washington, D. C., set January 15 as the date the manufacture of this foil will be prohibited. However, an extension of two months was given to allow manufacturers the opportunity of using up the stocks they have on hand.

Nov. 21, 1951

Two official city groups last night voted to increase efforts to promote construction of a Whidbey-Anacortes cut off, via Pass Lake.

Directors and members of the Chamber of Commerce, in a special meeting last night, decided to organize a caravan of persons from Anacortes to visit Commissioner Wallace Sharpe next Monday morning.

The City Council voted unanimously to send a letter to County Commissioners indicating their interest in seeing the road constructed.

Nov. 27, 1971

The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission last week approved a revised fee schedule, to include an entrance fee in 14 state parks; Birch Bay, Deception Pass, Fort Canby, Fort Casey, Lake Chelan, Lake Sammamish, Ocean City, Potholes, Saltwater, Steamboat Rock, Sun Lakes, Twin Harbors, Walter Daniels and Wenberg.

Nov. 26, 1981

For the second time this month, the state Shorelines Hearing Board has reversed a city decision.

The substantial development permit issued by the city for construction of the Anacortes-Fidalgo Bay Marina at Weaverling Spit has been vacated and the matter returned to the city for further action.

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