Cap Sante Marina, November 2021

Cap Sante Marine is scheduled for capital improvement in 2022, according to the Port of Anacortes budget.

The Port of Anacortes commissioners have approved a 2022 budget that anticipates $16.9 million in operating revenue and $16.7 million in operating expenses.

The budget was approved Nov. 4, following a public hearing and a month or so of public budget availability.

The port also plans to spend roughly $11 million on capital improvements at the airport, marina, marine terminal, industrial properties and on equipment. The port will fund roughly $9.5 million of that itself, while roughly $1.5 million will come from grants.

Of the total $11 million, roughly $7.8 million is to be spent at the marina, almost $1 million at the marine terminal and $2 million on port property development and planning. About $55,000 will go toward the airport.

The capital improvements include stormwater facilities at the airport, marina dock repairs and upgrades, an electric vehicle charging station at the marina, fiber optic installation at the docks and a full renovation of the port’s RV park.

The projects next year are part of a capital improvement plan with projects totaling about $43 million over the next five years.

That document is a roadmap for the commissioners to plan out how they will continue to improve the port, Executive Director Dan Worra said.

The port also plans to spend roughly $2.6 million on continued environmental cleanup and restoration of contaminated sites.

Demand for use at Cap Sante Marina and the Anacortes Airport continues rising, according to port staff. That and some other factors mean a revenue increase of roughly 12%.

The fuel sales in 2021 are 150% more than they were in 2020, Worra said. So Finance Director Jill Brownfield and her team budgeted based on the 2021 pace and current prices.

Roughly $9.6 in revenue is expected from the marina. Another $4.9 million should come from the marine terminal.

Revenue also includes a Commission-approved, state-allowed 1% tax levy increase amounting to about 20 cents per $1,000 in assessed value. Property within the port district valued at $500,000 would pay about $100 more in annual taxes to the port.

Next year, the levy should bring in roughly $1.7 million. An estimated $36,061 of that will be from new construction.

The higher costs of staff and prices along with supply chain issues are pushing expenses up by about 11% from the 2021 budget.

The biggest portion of expenses are at the marina ($7.8 million) and the marine terminal ($4 million).

The Port of Anacortes also continues to service debt from two general obligation bonds related to improvements at Cap Sante Marina. It will pay roughly $1.6 million toward those bonds (currently totally about $9.2 million) next year.

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