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The following is a sampling of the calls responded to by Anacortes police between Friday, Nov. 12, and Wednesday, Nov. 17:

Friday, Nov. 12

• A 27-year-old Anacortes man crashed his car in the Ford dealership fence around 12:30 p.m. It was determined the accident was caused due to a medical issue, and the man was uninjured.

• Officers went to check on a woman after she called police around 9 p.m. saying she did not know where she was. The call coordinates were near the Port of Anacortes. Officers found the 33-year-old Anacortes woman with a small group of people who said they had been drinking, and the woman had too much. The friends offered her a ride, which she declined. They left, and she initially accepted a ride home from officers but then pounded on the vehicle window, exited the vehicle and became aggressive, striking the patrol vehicle. Officers were later called back. Port security personnel reported the woman had chased them around the parking lot and tried to push or hit both of them. She had blood on her sweater and the left side of her face. She apparently injured herself on metal fencing. Officers requested an ambulance, and she was transported to the hospital. Port security requested that she be trespassed. Charges of assault, vehicle prowling and disorderly conduct are pending.

Saturday, Nov. 13

• A 48-year-old Anacortes man was arrested on several warrants after officers were called to a suspicious vehicle in the wooded area of March Point Road around 5 a.m. The caller noted the vehicle drove in with no lights on. The man in the vehicle was sleeping in the driver’s seat. He said he was only sleeping and had done so the previous night as well. Officers confirmed the man had warrants. He expressed concern about his dog and attempted to call someone to retrieve him to no avail. He was taken to jail on his warrants. Offices continued to try to find someone to pick up the dog, which was eventually placed in the city pound.

• Officers were called to check on a 29-year-old woman smoking in front of the smoke shop on 12th Street and reportedly saying nonsensical things. An officer contacted her parents, who said she suffers from mental health issues and uses drugs to cope. Neither parent would agree to take her in due to her violent behavior. Officers requested a call from a mental health professional but were never contacted. Officers and the woman’s mother attempted to encourage her to go to the hospital without success. Shortly after, officers were called to a woman running between vehicles and in front of cars at the gas pumps on Commercial Avenue. Officers spoke to her about her behavior. She was again offered resources but declined.

• A caller reported at 7:41 p.m. she last heard from her 74-year-old husband about two hours earlier while he was out on a hike. He said his headlamp was dead, and his phone was nearly dead. Their son was currently hiking the trails looking for him. An officer found the man just north of the Mount Erie trailhead parking lot.

• Officers were called to a fight in progress around 9 p.m. along Highway 20. The fight stopped before officers arrived. They interviewed several intoxicated people who provided different stories. According to a bartender, a 39-year-old Anacortes man was cut off and given a glass of water. He then argued with a woman, whose boyfriend got upset. The boyfriend and the man argued. At that point, two 23-year-old brothers, came to defend the man and started throwing punches. The 23-year-old Mount Vernon man got the 39-year-old in a headlock. Other bar patrons tried to break up the fight, which is when other fights started. The police were called at that point. The bartender felt the argument between the 39-year-old and the boyfriend could have been de-escalated had the two brothers not come in and started throwing punches. A 23-year-old Stanwood man was bleeding from the mouth. Officers plan to obtain surveillance video and make a charging decision.

Sunday, Nov. 14

• Officers were called to check on a 29-year-old woman who was wandering around a parking lot on Commercial Avenue and not making sense around 2 p.m. Officers noted it appeared she was having a mental health crisis. She declined offers to go to the hospital. As the night progressed and the weather worsened, officers determined the woman fit the criteria for emergency shelter. An officer completed an Anacortes Family Center referral in case she was contacted again. Officers contacted her, and she opted to stay at a local motel and agreed to get further resources from the center.

• A caller advised someone had smeared ketchup on the door handles and keypads at the Storvik Park bathrooms. An officer was able to clean up most of the mess and did not see any monetary damage.

• An Anacortes woman reported her stepdaughter received harassing messages on social media. She said she was going through the girl’s phone, which has parental controls, and found a message from someone warning the girl about sharing private information and then threatening her. The woman said she did not think someone they personally know is responsible for the message. An officer reviewed the message, noting numerous spelling and grammatical errors. It did not mention the girl by name or any identifying information. It was determined it was likely a spam message.

• A 53-year-old Anacortes man reported someone broke into a locked room belonging to his 44-year-old roommate, which contained numerous collectible items. Officers found a clearly damaged door with a new deadbolt lock installed. The caller reported the roommate had some friends over, and he confronted a man in the hallway as he appeared to be trying to access a secured room. Estimated damage is $300. An inventory of stolen items is pending as is potential video footage.

Monday, Nov. 15

• A 21-year-old Anacortes man reported his vehicle was prowled and the steering column was damaged overnight. It appears someone attempted to start the vehicle. Tools and clothing were stolen.

• A $629 Honda push mower was reported stolen from a business on Commercial Avenue. It had been secured with a lock and cable. Security footage shows a man walk up to the front of the store around 5 a.m. He removes a pair of bolt cutters from his coat and cuts the cable. A few minutes later, the man walks away with the mower.

• A 31-year-old Eastsound man received an infraction for failure to obey traffic control device after a head-on collision at 32nd Street and Commercial Avenue around 11 a.m. The man was traveling north on Commercial, approaching a red light, in his Vespa motor scooter. A Chevy Impala was traveling west and was traversing the intersection. The Vespa driver proceeded north and made no effort to stop, striking the vehicle in the intersection. The man was assessed by medics at the scene. After completing work at the accident scene, officers noted the man was acting in an unusual manner. He was offered a ride to the hospital and to have medics respond, but he denied both. The man was transported to the ferry terminal at his request. Officers were able to contact the man’s father, who planned to meet his son at the terminal.

• On the way to the scene of a T-bone collision, an officer saw another accident occur at 1:45 p.m. in the area of Commercial Avenue and 17th Street. A sedan traveling south of Commercial rear-ended a minivan that was stopped, pushing the minivan into the middle of the intersection. The officer pulled over to check the well-being of the drivers involved. The sedan driver appeared OK, but the minivan driver, a 51-year-old Edmonds man, appeared to be unconscious and was leaned over to the side. After getting no response to knocking on the glass, the officer opened the door. The driver slowly sat upright. After being evaluated by medics, the man opted to take himself to the hospital. The sedan driver, a 68-year-old Anacortes woman, was cited for following too close.

Tuesday, Nov. 16

• A 54-year-old Anacortes woman reported her purse and contents, including her wallet, cell phone, and several credit cards, were stolen from her unlocked vehicle overnight. She called back later to report that while contacting her financial institutions it was discovered her stolen cards had been used.

• A store employee called to report the theft of a 72-year-old Anacortes man’s wallet. The man said he placed his wallet on the counter at customer service, walked around the counter to look at something, and when he returned his wallet was gone. The manager showed officers a video of the incident. Officers identified the suspect as a 29-year-old Anacortes man. The victim said if his wallet was returned with everything in it, he did not want to pursue charges. Officers contacted the suspect, who initially said he’d dumped the wallet but later admitted he had it. He provided officers with the wallet and cash, and the items were returned to their owner. The younger man was trespassed from the store.

Wednesday, Nov. 17

• A 31-year-old Mississippi man faces charges of domestic violence malicious mischief after reportedly causing about $700 in damage to his girlfriend’s home. He argued with his girlfriend during a visit. She opted to leave the residence with their child and stay with family. While she was gone, he damaged multiple furniture items, which he reportedly told her about in messages before he left the home to catch a flight.

• A 48-year-old Anacortes man reported about $350 worth of damage to his truck while it was parked at his residence. He noted four puncture marks on a passenger side window. He believed someone possibly used a BB gun. He noted the same vehicle had been prowled last month.

• A 62-year-old Anacortes woman reported outgoing mail that she left in her mailbox, including a check for roughly $3,000, was stolen. She later tried to use the account, which was frozen due to an attempt to cash a check. The check was declined, and the banks closed her accounts as a precaution.

• A 26-year-old Anacortes man reported his van stolen overnight. He said he left the keys in the van and the doors unlocked. When he returned to the location, the van was gone.

— Source: Anacortes Police Department

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